Character Creation

The ruleset to be used is Pathfinder RPG (beta), which is available at for free. In August, the final version will be released, at which point we’ll switch over to that version. Every Wednesday they are doing a preview on their blog, so there are some sneak peeks there.

The ability scores for the player characters should be [18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 8] in any order, before racial adjustments.

In terms of character concepts, I plan to kind of throw you into the story, so it’s fine if your character does not have a strong agenda of their own. Characters should be either willing to team up with three strangers they just happened to be standing near, they should be tied to one of the other characters through their background, or the focus of the campaign should be important to them. In the short term, that focus will be the recovery of a nifty magical object.

For information on the campaign world, Eberron, the Eberron Campaign Setting (for 3.5e) book would be best. Without buying any books, you could also check out the wealth of info in the Dragonshards articles at the WotC site (plus Eberron Expanded & others).

Finally, I’m a fan of racial substitution levels & heritage feats, so let me know if you are interested in that stuff.

Character Creation

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