Fonthas d’Thuranni was used to living life day by day. Growing up in Sharn, dealing with the crush of humanity every day, has honed his reflexes and wit to a razor’s edge. For most of his life he was content to survive by the “kindness” of others. Petty theft and other miscellaneous crimes kept him from begging on the streets and he was happy with his life. He was even starting to develop a reputation as the Crimson Scoundrel due to his penchant for wearing bright red and leaving a strip of red cloth at the crime scene when he broke in to someone’s home.

Then one day he met Binvanis, a human priestess new to the city. He was smitten by her beauty and began to court her, always keeping his illicit activities hidden from her (though he was sure she suspected). Things seemed to be looking up, with Fonthas even working up the courage to ask Binvanis’s hand in marriage.

Unfortunately, the same day brought a mysterious visitor from the Shadow Network who offered to hire Fonthas to steal some documents from rival house Phiarlan. He accepted for one task, so he could get enough money to start a new life. After a failed mission, alerting the guards, getting a fellow recruit killed, and barely escaping with his life and the papers, Fonthas took Binvanis to another city where they did start a new life, just not in quite the way they had hoped.

Fonthas found work at a tavern, as an appearance by the Crimson Scoundrel would instantly alert the Shadow Network. It had been necessary for Binvanis to leave her duties and position in the Church of the Silver Flame quite suddenly, but she was willing to do so in order to be with Fonthas. She ministered to the villagers, albeit under an assumed name, and eventually led the faithful in constructing the village’s first temple to the Silver Flame. Life was positively blissful for them, and they managed to have 2 sons in the 15 years they lived together.

However, one day some strangers came to the village, asking after Fonthas. The villagers they spoke to suggested he was likely to be found at the temple with his wife. The strangers attacked the temple with fire and sword, burning it to the ground, killing Binvanis, and kidnapping their two young boys. With his previous life in ashes, his wife dead, and his sons kidnapped, Fonthas dejectedly took up the Crimson once again to keep himself alive until he could exact his revenge on the guild who ruined his peaceful, happy life.

He now plies his trade in Sharn, independent from the various criminal organizations in the city. Every now and then, however, a messenger will give him an envelope. The contents describe a job he must perform… as well as what will happen to his sons if he does not.


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